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Why You Need a Tax Attorney

The city of Los Angeles has a unique economic base that requires an equally diverse tax compliance system. Individuals and businesses alike may face issues with the IRS, California Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization and Employment Development Department. Whether you need help managing an audit, settling a debt or arranging for tax relief solutions, a Los Angeles Tax Attorney can help.

The Internal Revenue Service is a federal agency in the United States that administers the internal revenue code, a comprehensive body of laws covering income, gift, estate, excise and sales taxes among other things. The agency also collects and processes tax payments and determines pension plan qualifications for individuals and exempt organizations.

A good Los Angeles Tax Attorney is familiar with the complex tax law, and has experience defending taxpayers against the IRS and other local and state agencies. Those facing serious tax disputes need the help of a skilled attorney who understands all the different issues that can arise during an IRS or state audit, collection action or other tax dispute.

For business owners in Los Angeles Tax Attorney, proper record keeping is a crucial element of tax compliance. Failure to keep accurate records could lead to an FTB or EDD audit that can result in hefty fines and penalties. For example, if a business mishandles wage payments to employees or incorrectly classifies workers as contractors rather than employees, an EDD audit may be triggered.

Failing to file required tax returns in California can result in civil or criminal penalties depending on the severity of the error. The IRS can even seize assets if you have outstanding tax debts and fail to file required returns for several years. A Los Angeles tax attorney can help you avoid severe consequences by guiding you through voluntary disclosure schemes that allow for partial amnesty on the amount of back taxes owed.

A Los Angeles Property Tax Attorney can help you fight the over-assessment of your home or commercial property. He or she can guide you through the appraisal, assessment and protest process with the county and help you save money in the long run. Having the right LA property tax lawyer by your side can also help you avoid paying taxes that don’t apply to your property.

The reputable tax attorneys at Greenberg Glusker can help you resolve your tax disputes and find a suitable resolution for your situation. Contact the firm online to schedule your free initial consultation.

Scott Burkholder is a Los Angeles Tax Attorney who has over 25 years of litigation and tax controversy experience. He handles all aspects of civil tax dispute matters including tax audit representation and resolving tax collections cases. He has represented clients before the United States Tax Court and the IRS as well as California state tax agencies such as the California Franchise Tax Board, the State Board of Equalization and the Employment Development Department. His practice includes all forms of tax controversy, including international tax disputes, foreign bank account reporting / FBAR penalties and federal criminal tax prosecution.

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