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Korean Hapkido for Self Defence
by Master Michael Forster

Korean hapkido is a martial art that teaches patience, balance and self confidence. As a dedicated instructor for over 39 years, Master Forster has taken some of hapkido’s more effective techniques and organised them into an easy, step-by-step format that can be beneficial to both beginner and advanced students.

Of the many joint locking techniques that hapkido offers, the ones chosen for this book share many of the same principles of movement which can be applied in different situations, making hapkido a formidable self defence tool.

This book focuses on a wide variety of self defence applications while minimising the level of technical difficulty. Master Forster covers different kicking, hand strikes, joint locking and throwing techniques. Point-form text accompanied by foot positioning charts and photographs will help you better understand the form and motions used in hapkido.

As a quick reference or an instructional book, the material covered will help you learn the techniques, perfect your form, and gain the confidence to adapt quickly to any situation that may arise. 

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Korean Hapkido for Self Defence
by Michael Forster 7th dan

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