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Rent a Boat Malta to Explore the Open Waters of Malta

Malta is known for its crystalline waters and rugged coastline that invites visitors to explore hidden gems. Whether you’re planning a sunset cruise or a full day trip around the islands, rent a boat Malta with Sailo to make the most of your vacation on the open water. With a variety of sailing and power boats to choose from, you can find the perfect vessel for your needs. Our advanced filters allow you to narrow down your search by location and date, as well as by boat type. You can also select whether you want a skippered boat or a bareboat, which lets you be the captain.

Malta has a typical Mediterranean climate, so it’s a great year-round destination for boating and sailing. However, the high season for yacht rental in Malta is from June to September, so booking ahead of time is recommended. The months of April to May and October are also ideal for renting a boat in Malta, as the weather is typically sunny and dry.

The Blue Lagoon on the small island of Comino is a popular attraction for those who want to experience Malta’s spectacular open waters. The water here is so clear that it reflects the sky and seems to refract into every shade of blue, creating a magical swimming pool-like experience. Although it can be crowded, renting a private yacht allows you to enjoy the Blue Lagoon with a more exclusive experience.

Other highlights for a day at sea in Malta include the Blue Grotto, which is a natural cave with an entrance that resembles a submarine tunnel. The water here is so crystal clear that you can see all the way down to the rocky floor of the ocean floor. It’s a surreal and unique place to visit, especially when you arrive in the morning for a tour of the grotto before it gets too busy.

For wine lovers, Malta is home to several excellent vineyards, including Delicata, which produces award-winning wines. The wine industry in Malta dates back thousands of years, and it’s a fun activity to try during your stay. There are many tours that take visitors to wineries in the area and teach them about the process of making this delicious drink.

There are also numerous restaurants that offer a taste of Malta’s traditional and modern cuisine. While Malta is best known for its pizza and pasta, it also has an impressive array of seafood, which you can sample during your trip. Some of the most popular restaurants for seafood in Malta are Casa Rocca Piccola, which offers fresh seafood, and Le Gaviota, which is famous for its roasted lamb. The food in Malta is a mixture of Italian, Maltese and Arab influences, with the most common dishes being pizza, spaghetti, pasta, and grilled meat. This makes it the ideal place to try something new and have a memorable dining experience while in Malta.

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