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How a DISC Assessment Workshop Can Benefit Your Team

DISC is a powerful tool for understanding communication styles and tendencies, which can help you build stronger relationships at work and in your community. Whether your team is made up of athletes, students, or employees, a workshop focused on the DISC assessment can provide supportive feedback for improved performance, decoded communication and relationships, and enriched leadership.

Getting to know your team members and understanding their personalities can improve communication, increase productivity, reduce turnover, and foster a stronger sense of unity. This type of training can also help identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses, which may be helpful for determining the best roles and assignments for each person.

A DISC assessment is the first step to better understand yourself and your teammates. Taking an assessment doesn’t tell you everything, though. It’s important to take the information provided and apply it in real-world situations. This can be difficult for a new or inexperienced leader. That’s why a DISC assessment workshop is an ideal training opportunity for new and seasoned leaders.

An in-person DISC assessment workshop allows you to address the specific needs of your team, which will be more challenging with a virtual training session. For instance, virtual workshops are great for a student or athletic team, but the DISC workshop should still be delivered by an experienced trainer to ensure everyone understands the material.

The key to success in a DISC assessment workshop is ensuring participants take the time to read their reports and understand their behavior. It’s also helpful to provide an open discussion after each participant receives their DISC report. Have them highlight areas that resonate with them most or circle sections they feel aren’t entirely accurate. This will encourage them to talk through their results with others and make sure they fully understand their own personality traits.

One of the biggest challenges of a DISC assessment workshop is helping participants recognize the different behavioral styles of their teammates and clients. This can be a challenge, especially for a new leader who is not familiar with the different styles and how they differ from their own. Using the Everything DiSC suite can be an effective solution to this issue, as the assessments adapt to particular work roles.

Another way to help participants identify the different styles is by leveraging a visual representation. Merrick Rosenburg’s famous DISC training program used birds to represent the four behavioral styles, and this method has been proven to be highly effective. The use of visual representation can make it easier for participants to remember the information long after their DISC assessment. It’s a consistent reminder that their colleagues prefer to interact differently, which is critical for effective leadership.

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