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Cane FlyMore than just a style of martial art, hapkido is a culmination of discipline, control and awareness. It is  the ultimate showcase for the grace born of the balance between body, mind and spirit.

The art of hapkido embraces many principles of technique in order to create a diverse foundation for self defence. It includes a wide variety of kicks and strikes, as well as joint locks, throws, ground defence and, in later training, weapons that include the sword, short stick, knife and staff. Hapkido's principle of real world effectiveness also allows it to delve into weapons such as towel, cane and other everyday objects.

The well-rounded all-inclusive nature of hapkido makes it one of the most effective styles of martial art for self defence. The focus is on what works, not purely what looks impressive.

Hapkido uses soft-style circular principles that can be used by anyone, at any time, regardless of size, age, gender or physical ability. By learning to turn at attackers strength and momentum into an advantage, every student can utilize hapkido's principles of self defence with confidence and success. The skills learned in hapkido not only teach self-defence, they also encourage balance, self esteem, tolerance and control. It is an art that teaches not only external strength, but more importantly, inner strength and confidence.

Hapkido makes no judgement calls when it comes to external appearances, it all comes down to harmony and spirit. Hapkido teaches how, with these two tools, one has the ability to confront any situation.

Korean Hapkido Institute
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