Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hapkido practical for self defense?

Absolutely, Hapkido has been employed for years in Korea and around the world by various military and police organizations due to its practical and effective nature.

Is there a great risk of injury in practising Hapkido?

Practicing the martial arts is not without risk but with careful and diligent practice the risk of injury can be reduced. Students should follow the directions of the instructor at all times and should not attempt techniques beyond their capability.

Can women practice Hapkido?

Yes. Hapkido is very well suited to women who are looking to develop martial skills. Hapkido techniques focus on non-resistance and therfore do not require great strength to apply.

Can children practice Hapkido?

Yes. Hapkido is ideal for children as it teaches the virtues of discipline and diligence. Hapkido students develop confidence in themselves and build character. Hapkido stresses non-violence.

Are there competitions in Hapkido?

No. Hapkido uses many circular kicks which should not be used in a competitive setting. Joint locks and throws, if applied with sufficient force, could cause irreparable damage to a joint.


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