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Antique Advertising Thermometers

A vintage advertising thermometer is a functional piece of folk art, with a rich history that adds character to any room or home. These items are often highly sought after by collectors, as they can provide a glimpse into the past and evoke feelings of nostalgia and pride. They also offer a glimpse into a time when temperature measurement required dedicated instruments.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, companies began recognizing that pairing their brand with a utilitarian object meant increased exposure to consumers. Often made of metal or tin and later porcelain, these advertising thermometers could be found outside cafes, diners, gas stations, and even the local five-and-dime store. They were frequently adorned with the names of famous sodas, agricultural products, and other brands. Many of these advertising thermometers became collector’s items, ranging from small round models to large rectangular ones measuring up to six feet.

Many of the older, antique advertising thermometers were crafted with extraordinary care. They were designed to be both beautiful and durable. Thermometers made of tin and porcelain were often painted or enameled with vibrant colors, while others used metals like brass and copper. Some were shaped to look like the product they represented, while others resembled clocks or other utilitarian objects, such as a bicycle wheel. Many had the ability to be adjusted to a desired setting, meaning they were not only used to display temperatures but to indicate the time of day as well.

While the popularity of advertising thermometers declined in recent decades, they still remain popular with collectors. Those looking for a vintage or antique thermometer to hang in their home or office will find many choices available on sites like 1stDibs. These thermometers range in price from 99 cents to $8,345. They come in nearly every shape and theme imaginable, and are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Some vintage advertising thermometers are highly sought after for their historical significance, while others are simply treasured for the way they add a special touch to a space. A wooden excavating and grading advertising thermometer, for example, is valued for its intricate detailing and historical significance as it was once used to advertise a local business.

Other vintage advertising thermometers, such as those made of metal dials, are highly valued for their classic design and durability. These types of thermometers were frequently used outdoors, as they were built to withstand harsh weather conditions and other environmental factors. These old advertising thermometers are valued for their aesthetics as well as their ability to accurately measure temperatures.

These antique thermometers have become popular for their unique design and functionality, which make them an excellent choice for any home or business. Whether you are in search of a nostalgic reminder of the past or an interesting way to display your favorite brand, these thermometers can be found on sites such as 1stDibs and other online auction houses. Just be sure to research the seller and item carefully before making a bid, as these items can often sell for high prices.

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