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3G Football Pitch Surfacing Benefits

3G football pitch surfacing is becoming increasingly popular amongst schools, clubs and local authorities that wish to provide their communities with a high quality surface for football, rugby and other sports. There are a number of benefits to having this type of surface installed, both for those that use the facilities and for the organisation itself.

Firstly, it is important to know that the 3G surfaces that are available on the market today have been tested by FIFA and the RFU to ensure they meet the requirements for each sport. This means that the surface will be able to withstand the rigorous demands of each sport and provide a great playing experience for all levels of players.

This level of quality also helps to reduce the risk of injury. Getting injured can have a huge impact on both amateur and professional players, ruining careers and costing clubs money. A 3G surface will help to reduce this risk by having a foam shockpad that can absorb the impact of any falls, reducing the stress on the joints and therefore decreasing the risk of injury.

Another benefit of having a 3G football pitch surfacing is that the surface is multi-functional and can be used for a range of different sports, increasing the potential for revenue generation. This is particularly useful for schools, where a single investment can be used to support a wide variety of curriculum activities as well as providing the opportunity for students to play sports in their own free time.

The surfacing that is available for this type of surface has been designed to mimic the ball bounce and roll of natural grass, meaning that it provides an excellent playing experience. It is also designed to be very durable, enabling schools and clubs to use the facility for a long period of time and with minimal maintenance. In addition, the surface can be constructed in a wide variety of colour options to really make the pitch stand out and look great.

What’s more, 3G pitches require hardly any water to keep them in good condition. This is great for the environment as it means that a lot less water is being wasted and can be used in other areas of the community. Finally, 3G pitches can be customised with team colours and logos, giving the surface an extra visual appeal that makes it more appealing to users.

While the initial investment of a 3G football surface can seem a little expensive, it will save a club or school a huge amount of money in the long run by eliminating the need for costly regular maintenance work on a natural lawn. The surface is also much easier to clean than natural turf, making it easy to maintain a hygienic and well-maintained surface. The only downside is that like any synthetic surface, it will require a fair amount of care and attention to keep it looking its best. This can be done in house or by hiring a maintenance company.

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